The tourist town of Novigrad-Cittanova is located on the west coast of Istria and stands out among the numerous Istrian towns by its unique natural beauty, its rich cultural heritage and hospitality of the landlords. This is the city that is said to have the cleanest sea in this part of the Mediterranean.

The Riviera of Novigrad-Cittanova stretches from Dajla to the mouth of the river Mirna, decorated by the articulated, deep and accessible coast, as well as stone and pebble beaches. The Novigrad-Cittanova hotels are also located in this region, in the immediate vicinity of which are equipped sports facilities and various catering facilities.

The old town center of Novigrad-Cittanova is situated on a small island, which was connected to the mainland in the 18th century. The preserved medieval city wall is one of the most interesting symbols of this place. Numerous foreign administrations and cultures – from Byzantine to Franconian, German, Venetian, Napoletan, Austro-Hungarian, and Italian – have left their mark on architecture.

With regard to tourism, Novigrad-Cittanova has a far-reaching tourist tradition, as it was already in 1845 that the first tourist guide was available through Novigrad-Cittanova. The city is famous for its excellent olive oil, some excellent restaurants and tavernas. At the end of July, the traditional Blues Festival takes place, with performers from all over the world performing. The triple parish church of St. Mary, of St. Maxima, and of St. Pelagius, which are at the same time the city’s protective cartridges. In the nearby Dajla is a impressive property, built on a property dating from the Roman era.


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